Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

Andrew: I grew up reading at a young age and I developed a desire to write. As a teen I realized I wanted to write a YA sci-fi fantasy book or series. As I got older that never went away. I believe this fits in that YA category very well.

Alex: This book was aimed at the YA (Young Adult) audience. I think, however, we have tried and hopefully succeeded in making this book an enjoyable read for anyone. The thread running through the entire series is a family bond, and hopefully that is something anyone can relate to whether it be family or close friends you esteem as family.

MEET A.A. Salter

A.A Salter grew up on the southeast coast of Georgia near Savannah. Growing up with five brothers and one sister proved to never contain a dull moment. Writing has always been their passion and they are excited to take you on this journey into their imagination. A journey that started many years ago.

Q&A With the Authors

Our family and a love for fantasy and science fiction.

A distant galaxy in a solar system with thirteen planets. While some of these planets don’t seem habitable, most are with just a bit of scientific help. It is a diverse system with the different races living together mostly in harmony. Each planet has its own governing bodies, some more than one, but each planet has Tribunes that are part of a System Council. This System Council oversees the issues of the system in a diplomatic manner.

We have always love science fiction and have had a desire to write something that takes place in that sci-fi realm.

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